Merima Smajlović

Merima is a multidisciplinary artist, graduated graphic designer, with experience in fashion design, photography and video. Currently focused on fine art and painting, as she likes to call her return to the visualization of life. He explores a new language of shapes, symbols and lines using words with the same meaning in different languages, representing the culture of his homeland and the USA, his new country of residence. Experimenting with the old “Bosančica” script, which represents the historical heritage of her homeland, and combining it with forms of other languages.

Merima creates a unique visual vocabulary that speaks of the multiculturalism of the modern world. As a passionate visual artist, she expresses her love for symbols, words and languages, but also her fear of not being able to adequately convey her emotions. Through her works, Merima’s emotions become visually expressive – an aesthetic fusion of old and new that serves as a powerful reminder of our multifaceted identities.

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