The Face of Migrant

48×36 inch

I made “The Face of Migrant” in 2021, when I immigrated to the US from Bosnia. This was his was my third move, the third start of life with different perspectives. The first was a war refugee, the second was a return to the homeland, and the third was transoceanic migration. It portrays how I felt when making another fresh start in life, and the hope and optimism of that experience. The background features elements of Bosancica script, an alphabet that dates back to the 10th century. I felt both nostalgic for the past and was yearning for a new beginning, still hopeful which permeates through the vibrant colors I used. I needed a change to feel free, yet it was so difficult to be away from everyone I love. It also reminded me of the war in Bosnia… then watching migrants coming to my country years later..The vicious circle of human suffering but also faith that a better tomorrow is there for us all.