48×60 inch

An representation of the heart showing how technological advances can manipulate and direct our lives. Depicting how decisions made from our hearts are never perfect and come with risk and sacrifice. Ultimately, this art will inspire a dialogue about the tension between being controlled by the heart and playing against our hearts. A testament to the inner conflict that can ensue when making the difficult decisions of whether or not we should ever play against our hearts. Representing the fear and loss of the heart while the organic elements represent its beauty, power and strength to press on even when it hurts. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder of the difficult decision one must make, to stay true to their hearts, even if it means playing against them. Messages and digital images from social media, visually emphasized to serve as a reminder that while they may appear inviting, they cannot provide us with what we truly need. Exploring the contrast between our innermost desire and the overly commercialized world. With thoughtful expression, the piece will highlight the tension of shouldering such powerful emotional moments, as well as our vulnerable emotions, even when it goes against what society desires or deems acceptable.