Poster Mockup



A woman entangled in a traditional shirt that has been embroidered with bright and colorful Bosnian motifs. As if struggling to break free from the embroidered threads that crisscross her chest. A graceful gesture of an urge to set free from norm. Behind her, there is a sense of energy and motion, with intricate swirls and patterns reminiscent of Bosnian folklore and culture. At the same time, the bold lines and embroidery stitches add a modern twist to the classic tradition of embroidery. She complements the traditional symbolism in a vibrant and modern way. The whole scene evokes the complexity of tradition and the freedom of individual expression. The tones and colors of the piece suggest a struggle with traditional heritage and culture and a hope for something new. There is an aura of freedom, hope, and determination as the body takes center stage. The woman’s body language conveys a sense of struggle between a traditional view of life and her attempt to break away and explore a more modern world. Symbolizing freedom and empowerment, even in the face of suffocation and traditional burdens. Her hands seem to dance joyfully to a rhythm only they can hear.