Silence / Triptych

30×40 inch

Stage 1, Fight

Captures the first stage labeled “Fight,” illustrating the fracturing of the mind under the weight of thoughts and intense inner dialogues. The mixed-media artwork incorporates a symbolic element where a strip represents forcibly silenced mouths, adding an additional layer to the portrayal of the internal struggle and conflict. This depiction involves an internal battle and contention, devoid of any audibly spoken words, creating an atmosphere of silent confrontation without a discernible interlocutor. The portrayal delves into the psychological landscape, suggesting a struggle within the mind that manifests through the physical act of the head breaking, symbolizing the internal chaos caused by the burden of unexpressed thoughts and unspoken conflicts. This visual narrative reflects a stage marked by the absence of external dialogue but rich in the complexities of internal turmoil. 

Stage 2, Disappointment
30×40 inch

Further explores the theme of unspoken communication, as the imaginary strip silencing the mouth fades, leaving a lingering silence. This stage delves into the emotional consequences of internal dialogue and the evolving disappointment, symbolized by the fading barrier and the persistence of silence.

Stage 3, Nearly Zero
30×40 inch

Portraying the final phase of reconciliation where the conversational partner remains absent. This stage encapsulates a sense of peace intertwined with a void marked by scars.