I'm Playing My Song

30×40 inch

Every poem has its colors!

I created these to express the pain and sorrow felt after the death of my beloved father from Covid-19. Verses just came out on their own. As if they demanded to be recorded. Three verses that intertwine together with the colors of grief I felt during this time. Each verse serves as a reminder that even in moments of darkness there is still beauty to be found and appreciated. My attempt of illustrated poetry as an expression of healing, remembrance, and resilience.

With My Thoughts
30×40 inch

With my thoughts

I squeeze into pain,

and I pass with sword’s blade,

I’m cutting it,

I’m hurting it.

Don’t You Understand
30×40 inch

I’m satisfied,

calm, empty.

In need of pain.

Don’t you understand?

In search for myself

I have to go through this!

I Dance My Song
30×40 inch

I’m playing d(e)ad!

I play with myself,

in my mind,

I push myself.

I dance the song motionless.

Calm in my body,

I scream calmly in my thoughts.